Cynthia Bui, Operations Lead

By: Antonio Lee, Digital Analytics Intern

      Today we would like to feature Cynthia V. Bui, who is a Project Manager for Health Plan Quality and a leader of the Operations Committee. Cynthia has been with Kaiser Permanente for two and a half years. What inspired her was Kaiser Permanente’s mission to improve healthcare for individuals and communities and most importantly focus on preventative health. As a millennial, it is important for her to work in a company that is planning for the future in a positive way.

      When Cynthia joined Kaiser, she sought out a networking system that would allow her to be involved with more Kaiser Employees that were in the same or similar professional development timeline as her. She initially joined Events Subcommittee because of her interest in planning and executions of events that gather people together to learn and grow. Eventually, the position became the Operations Committee, as planning event wasn’t the only thing on the agenda and additional goals were added to inspire new members. It was great for her because she became a leader because she was motivated by other genKP leaders with their contribution to the program and it inspired her. She said, “Being surrounded by such smart and ambitious individuals really motivates me to be better.”  Her personal goal for the organization is to get Kaiser Employees together by any form of communication from planning events or socials to keep diversity everywhere.  Cynthia envisions genKP can lead people to communicate on the same floor where different people from diverse backgrounds share their vision together.

      Tomorrow, August 11th, genKP and KP Pride will be hosting a Movie Night showcasing “A Womb of Their Own”. The film shares the lives of transgender individuals as they go through pregnancy and breaking traditional boundaries. Cynthia mentions that communication is important and learning that about different culture and lifestyles will greatly improve understanding. Please join us for the film tomorrow!