Deah Renslow, Operations Lead

By: Sam Ahn, Project Management Intern in National Medicare Administration

      Ever wondered who’s behind genKP’s action? Today we present genKP’s Operations Lead, Deah Renslow. As the operation lead, Deah manages the organization’s resources, develops strategies to meet genKP’s goals, and helps carry out genKP’s activities. Outside genKP, she works as a Managing Consultant. She joined Kaiser Permanente two and a half years ago and she’s proud to say that genKP is the most fun and challenging thing she’s done at Kaiser Permanente.

      Deah still vividly remembers the first time she came across genKP. She was passing by the office of Oscar Bolanos when a poster with young smiling faces caught her eye. They looked like the young faces of Kaiser Permanente who were making an impact. She felt that it was a group she could relate to and identify with. After hearing about genKP from Oscar, she became part of the group. Her experience so far has been great. One of the reasons why she loves the organization is the people. She says, “The people are simply amazing. They literally do whatever they can to help you immediately with whatever they can.” She added, “genKP really is a collaborative community. I think anybody can benefit from the group. The most important thing is to just do it. Just come to a meeting or take a look at the genKP website. There are things you probably didn’t even know existed. People at genKP are so happy they’ve done it. So put yourself out there and don’t limit yourself.” 

      This upcoming Thursday, on August 11th, genKP and KP Pride will be hosting a Movie Night showcasing “A Womb of Their Own”. The film explores the complexity of gender through the apparent contradiction of masculine identity and pregnancy. As Deah said, come out to the event and meet other genKP members! It just might turn out to be the best decision you’ve made at Kaiser Permanente.