Amanda Medina, genKP Community Benefit Coach

By: Kimberly Zhong, Data Strategy Operations Intern in National Pricing Solutions

      We have now been introduced to NCAL’s Regional Champion, and today we’d like to present another key individual in genKP—Amanda Medina. A Process Manager/Strategy Consultant for Corporate Strategy and Transformation, Amanda has been with Kaiser Permanente for 4 years and active with genKP for 3 years. She serves as the Community Benefit Coach, making sure membership is involved with the surrounding communities. Amanda initially joined the organization because she was drawn towards the ambitious bunch of people. She continued on to elaborate on the diverse connections she has created—with seasoned leaders and up-and-coming talent alike.

      Throughout her interview, a key theme of community was constantly highlighted. Amanda Medina started off in KP with community and government relations, and has since then moved into the strategic role which she holds today. However, she still finds herself “wanting to give back into the community works somehow.” Luckily, her position in genKP allows her an outlet to do just that. She reminds us that, though sometimes “we may get really busy in our lives and forget to give back to our communities, it is important that we remain involved.” That’s why she is so passionate about genKP’s mission—“if all 2200 members donated just 1 or 2 hours of their time, imagine the impact it could make in the community.” Amanda Medina also pushes us to thrive—living life to its fullest, aiming for good health and happiness. Furthermore, it is important to remember to thrive not only on an individual-level, but on a community-level as well. She elaborates, “I think that’s why Kaiser Permanente is so great, because we do so much to give back to the community. KP is planning billions of dollars to give back to the communities between now and 2019. It makes a big difference.”

      Join genKP and KP Pride on August 11th, during a Movie Night showcasing “A Womb of Their Own.” The documentary-style film follows transgender individuals as they navigate through pregnancy and the difficulties in breaking the boundaries of traditional binary definitions for gender. Amanda Medina reminds us of the importance of community—to break out from individual-centered mindsets and give back and serve our community instead.