Shanna Grier, NCAL Regional Champion

By: Elena Pereira, Finance Intern in Health Plan Operations

      I had the opportunity to interview Shanna Grier, who is a Business Operations Analyst and a genKP NCAL Regional Champion. Shanna became a genKP leader because she saw firsthand, through a millennial perspective, the impact it can have and now strives to have it leave an imprint on every MOB and Medical center in Northern California. She has been with KP for two years now but, was initially drawn to it because of the values it embodies and its dedicated service to the community.

      In the interview, Shanna shared a story showing the importance of recognizing self-worth and self-advocacy. She explained that joining KP posed a number of challenges however, the biggest was making herself believe that she belonged. Her background, life story, and perspective varied greatly from that of her peers, making her feel like an outsider and holder her back from contributing her best work. She began to realize her worth when her manager at the time asked why she wasn’t offering her input then, without waiting for a response told her, “You belong here and you have to trust me enough to know I chose you for a reason.” In that pivotal moment, her self-doubt began to melt away. Because of what she learned, she wanted to share the following sentiment with the younger generation: “Believe in yourself even if nobody else does. Advocate for you whole-heartedly and trust that you’re on your path for a reason.”

      On August 11th, genKP and KP Pride will be hosting a Movie Night that will show a film documenting masculine-identifying people’s journey through pregnancy. The movie shares the stories of people who have broken boundaries and faced challenges in order to thrive. Shanna’s message about self-advocacy is important for everyone who’s had to break down barriers, be it in their mind, in the work place, or in gender roles, because everyone deserves to feel that they belong.