Here's what's required:

Prerequisites: Completion of Bronze Level

Complete any 5 courses from the list below; you may select from a single curriculum bucket or pick courses from multiple curriculum buckets.

Note: Clicking on these links will register and launch you into the course. For general information and course descriptions, you can visit the online catalog in MyHR.

  • Review any 3 TED talks from the playlist – How Leaders Inspire and write a short (300 words or less) synopsis on any one about:
    • What was the prevailing message
    • Why you think this is an important message
    • How it ties to your life experiences or perceptions
  • Attend any 1 KP Learning Forum of your choice
  • Volunteer time in any 1 genKP activity/event
  • Work with a mentor to develop a list of your strengths and opportunities for development (at least 3 of each)

For ‘Experience’ event opportunities, refer to the events calendar or the event listings in the genKP newsletter.


Finished all requirements? Fill out the genKP ELC SILVER completion form and follow the submission instructions in the document.