Farewell to 2015!

2015, a year worth remembering! What originally started with two innovative minds now has over 2,000 members nationwide. This reassures that our vision to building a multi-generational talented community is very meaningful, not only to young professionals, but to the future of Kaiser Permanente. Additionally, here are some amazing stats we are proud to have accomplished in 2015:

  1. 63% membership growth! (2014-2015)
  2. New chapters in four new states! (CO, HI, MAS, and NW!)
  3. New Steering Board inauguration
  4. Launch of Career Stories, Professional Development, Community Benefit, and Emerging Leaders Circle
  5. Augmented work transparency, collaboration, and efficiency through adoption of new technology
  6. Increase in content viewing via social media and video

As we prepare for 2016, the genKP leadership team met early in December for a two day summit. As the committees and regional champions came together, we established our 2016 goal is to keep pushing boundaries and elevate the conversation for Millennials to partake a bigger role in the organization. To do this, we crafted a collaborative strategy including:

  1. Improved community engagement via compelling content, transparency, and active participation
  2. Further develop robust programs on leadership skills and mentorship
  3. Revamping genkp.com
  4. Partner with fellow MBRGs for future hosted events
  5. Increased awareness and public relation
  6. Better attendance and promotion of community service within genKP
  7. Create Thrive events promoting health and exercise

What is important to note from our accomplishments and future plans is that each members’ contribution is a voluntary effort to provide value to KP. But above all, it is about creating self-fulfilling opportunities that can be leveraged to leadership roles. We are incredibly grateful for each and everyone’s input, and we want to carry this momentum onwards to 2016. Stay tuned!

Millennials Want Healthier Workplaces

As millennials shift workforce demographics, one area of influence will be an increased demand for health and wellness initiatives.

A new study by Aon Hewitt found that millennials are comfortable with the integration of health into the workplace. Millennial employees are interested in a "culture of wellness" that allows them to manage their health, as well as achieve their personal goals through incentives. These types of wellness initiatives can help to improve employee morale and engagement.

Millennials are interested in utilizing tech tools to quantify their health data. According to a recently-released study by the health platform Keas:

  • - 46% of Millennials want as much quantifiable data about their health as possible
  • - 54% of Millennials will likely buy a body-analyzing device (weight, body fat, blood pressure, etc.)
  • - 31% believe that genetics/DNA tests are valuable in better understanding of their health

At Kaiser Permanente, the Healthy Workforce team is leading wellness initiatives to keep employees healthy and engaged through programs like "Instant Recess" and yoga sessions, which demonstrate a commitment to total health.

One upcoming event is the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day on Wednesday, April 2. Kaiser Permanente is inviting its downtown Oakland employees to join their KP colleagues for a walking flash mob.

  • - 12:10 p.m.– Warm up those muscles and stretch. The first 200 walkers to join us will receive an event t-shirt to wear during the walk.
  • - 12:15 p.m.– Join us for a 30-minute walk to celebrate National Walking Day!

The route will begin just outside The Ordway on the Cathedral side. The scenic walking route will provide 30 minutes of walking for the day- remember, 30 minutes of walking, five days a week provides amazing health benefits! For more information, visit kpwalk.com or everybodywalk.org.