GenKP Volunteers at the Innovation and Advanced Technology Forum

By: Marina T. Aiello, kpLibraries

On October 23rd, the Innovation and Advanced Technology (IAT) team hosted the ‘Educating for Outcomes’ Technology Forum at the Garfield Innovation Center. The event was co-sponsored by National Patient Care Services and engaged about 130 attendees either in-person or via WebEx. For the Technology Forum, the IAT Team focused on concepts of education and learning as they pertain to patient care and the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Dr. James Lewis and Faye Sahai, VP of IAT
Dr. James Lewis and Faye Sahai, VP of IAT

James Lewis, MD delivered the rousing keynote message, which challenged attendees to consider current barriers to the adoption of educational technology as well as exciting future opportunities for learning within medical and health education. Dr. Lewis identified trends in technology and innovation that were reflected in presentations from the 12 exhibitors at the Technology Forum.


Google Glass Wonder
Trying out Google Glass at the Tech Forum

The exhibits offered presentations from KP Employees on topics like the KP Learning Forum, QR codes for supporting patient care, and prototypes envisioning the future of care at Kaiser. Also, the external exhibitors spoke with KP Employees to explore potential ways that their product might someday be integrated into the KP system, including Ayogo, Coursera, Knowledgefox, and more. In-person attendees were able to download apps to their personal devices, ask questions of the exhibitors, and try out new technologies (like Google Glass, see photo above). But WebEx attendees didn’t miss out on the fun because they were able to view live interviews with each of the exhibitors as well as request more information from any of the exhibits.

As GenKP volunteers, we were able to get an entertaining and informative behind-the-scenes look at how the Technology Forums are organized and implemented. We assisted exhibitors with setting up their booths, helped troubleshoot connectivity issues, and used iPads to survey in-person attendees for immediate feedback on their experience. Aside from the excitement around supporting the IAT Team in hosting the Technology Forum, we were also able to gain information on innovative projects at Kaiser Permanente as well as consider how these emerging technologies might be useful in our respective departments.

Prof Connary and Nurse Dan
"Professor Connary" and "Dr. Nurse Dan" opening skit

Overall, the ‘Educating for Outcomes’ Technology Forum was a wonderful opportunity for all attendees to discover the many ways that the future of technology will contribute to education, and ultimately, improve care for our members, patients, and communities. We are so glad that we were able to participate in this event as GenKP volunteers (and that we were able to learn a ton in the process)!

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Thanks to Marina for writing this guest blog post, and to Maren for providing the photos!