Humans of genKP Series: Part V - Special Edition

Filmmaker Photo

Cyn Lubow, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Filmmaker

By: Kimberly Zhong and Albert Huang

      A team of interns had the opportunity to interview Cyn Lubow, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Filmmaker, whose movie will be screened tonight at a NCAL genKP event. As a lesbian mother of two, Cyn was inspired to make her first film after experiencing her oldest son leaving home for the first time. During our interview, she described a child moving to college as the “The Fifth Stage of Labor,” where mothers endure bittersweet emotions as they watch their kids become independent. The film was about this delicate stage in a mother’s life.

      After all the wonderful experiences creating her first film, she decided to try her hand at creating a documentary, and started off with, “A Womb of Their Own.” Inspired by the great strides the transgender community had made, Cyn decided to shed light on gender non-normativity. “A lot has happened in the last 3 years—Caitlyn Jenner, Lavern Cox,” she explains, “but there are a lot of people left out; my hypothesis is that there were people who didn’t fit… didn’t fit in either of the two boxes of male or female. What if they wanted to wear a dress or a skirt and a beard? How are gender and sexual preference connected or not connected?” This is when Cyn decided to focus on pregnancy with masculine-identifying individuals: “pregnancy is such a sacred female experience in our culture, in anyone’s culture. What if I found individuals who identified in a masculine way, but also wanted to get pregnant?”

      But the journey wasn’t easy—finding subjects for example: “I certainly didn’t envision everything I ended up with. First of all—I didn’t know who my subjects were going to be.” However, Cyn Lubow networked her all around the country—talking to everyone she knew, talking to people who knew somebody who knew somebody... She even searched online on pregnant men. Her endeavors were well worth the effort, as her documentary features 6 diverse individuals on their journey through pregnancy. Drawing on her psychotherapist background, Cyn would “ask them questions, almost similar to how [she] would ask in a therapy session as a therapist. I was hoping that it would be therapeutic for the people I was talking to, and also therapeutic for the people watching the film.”

      KP Pride and genKP are partnering to screen Cyn Lubow’s feature documentary film: A Womb of Their Own on Movie Night August 11th. Join us as we follow these subjects who experience their gender different than simply male or female. As Cyn reminds us, “Whatever you are, there is room for it, and there should be a celebration for it.”

Humans of genKP Series: Part IV


Cynthia Bui, Operations Lead

By: Antonio Lee, Digital Analytics Intern

      Today we would like to feature Cynthia V. Bui, who is a Project Manager for Health Plan Quality and a leader of the Operations Committee. Cynthia has been with Kaiser Permanente for two and a half years. What inspired her was Kaiser Permanente’s mission to improve healthcare for individuals and communities and most importantly focus on preventative health. As a millennial, it is important for her to work in a company that is planning for the future in a positive way.

      When Cynthia joined Kaiser, she sought out a networking system that would allow her to be involved with more Kaiser Employees that were in the same or similar professional development timeline as her. She initially joined Events Subcommittee because of her interest in planning and executions of events that gather people together to learn and grow. Eventually, the position became the Operations Committee, as planning event wasn’t the only thing on the agenda and additional goals were added to inspire new members. It was great for her because she became a leader because she was motivated by other genKP leaders with their contribution to the program and it inspired her. She said, “Being surrounded by such smart and ambitious individuals really motivates me to be better.”  Her personal goal for the organization is to get Kaiser Employees together by any form of communication from planning events or socials to keep diversity everywhere.  Cynthia envisions genKP can lead people to communicate on the same floor where different people from diverse backgrounds share their vision together.

      Tomorrow, August 11th, genKP and KP Pride will be hosting a Movie Night showcasing “A Womb of Their Own”. The film shares the lives of transgender individuals as they go through pregnancy and breaking traditional boundaries. Cynthia mentions that communication is important and learning that about different culture and lifestyles will greatly improve understanding. Please join us for the film tomorrow!

Humans of genKP Series: Part III


Deah Renslow, Operations Lead

By: Sam Ahn, Project Management Intern in National Medicare Administration

      Ever wondered who’s behind genKP’s action? Today we present genKP’s Operations Lead, Deah Renslow. As the operation lead, Deah manages the organization’s resources, develops strategies to meet genKP’s goals, and helps carry out genKP’s activities. Outside genKP, she works as a Managing Consultant. She joined Kaiser Permanente two and a half years ago and she’s proud to say that genKP is the most fun and challenging thing she’s done at Kaiser Permanente.

      Deah still vividly remembers the first time she came across genKP. She was passing by the office of Oscar Bolanos when a poster with young smiling faces caught her eye. They looked like the young faces of Kaiser Permanente who were making an impact. She felt that it was a group she could relate to and identify with. After hearing about genKP from Oscar, she became part of the group. Her experience so far has been great. One of the reasons why she loves the organization is the people. She says, “The people are simply amazing. They literally do whatever they can to help you immediately with whatever they can.” She added, “genKP really is a collaborative community. I think anybody can benefit from the group. The most important thing is to just do it. Just come to a meeting or take a look at the genKP website. There are things you probably didn’t even know existed. People at genKP are so happy they’ve done it. So put yourself out there and don’t limit yourself.” 

      This upcoming Thursday, on August 11th, genKP and KP Pride will be hosting a Movie Night showcasing “A Womb of Their Own”. The film explores the complexity of gender through the apparent contradiction of masculine identity and pregnancy. As Deah said, come out to the event and meet other genKP members! It just might turn out to be the best decision you’ve made at Kaiser Permanente.

Humans of genKP Series: Part II


Amanda Medina, genKP Community Benefit Coach

By: Kimberly Zhong, Data Strategy Operations Intern in National Pricing Solutions

      We have now been introduced to NCAL’s Regional Champion, and today we’d like to present another key individual in genKP—Amanda Medina. A Process Manager/Strategy Consultant for Corporate Strategy and Transformation, Amanda has been with Kaiser Permanente for 4 years and active with genKP for 3 years. She serves as the Community Benefit Coach, making sure membership is involved with the surrounding communities. Amanda initially joined the organization because she was drawn towards the ambitious bunch of people. She continued on to elaborate on the diverse connections she has created—with seasoned leaders and up-and-coming talent alike.

      Throughout her interview, a key theme of community was constantly highlighted. Amanda Medina started off in KP with community and government relations, and has since then moved into the strategic role which she holds today. However, she still finds herself “wanting to give back into the community works somehow.” Luckily, her position in genKP allows her an outlet to do just that. She reminds us that, though sometimes “we may get really busy in our lives and forget to give back to our communities, it is important that we remain involved.” That’s why she is so passionate about genKP’s mission—“if all 2200 members donated just 1 or 2 hours of their time, imagine the impact it could make in the community.” Amanda Medina also pushes us to thrive—living life to its fullest, aiming for good health and happiness. Furthermore, it is important to remember to thrive not only on an individual-level, but on a community-level as well. She elaborates, “I think that’s why Kaiser Permanente is so great, because we do so much to give back to the community. KP is planning billions of dollars to give back to the communities between now and 2019. It makes a big difference.”

      Join genKP and KP Pride on August 11th, during a Movie Night showcasing “A Womb of Their Own.” The documentary-style film follows transgender individuals as they navigate through pregnancy and the difficulties in breaking the boundaries of traditional binary definitions for gender. Amanda Medina reminds us of the importance of community—to break out from individual-centered mindsets and give back and serve our community instead.

Humans of genKP Series: Part I


Shanna Grier, NCAL Regional Champion

By: Elena Pereira, Finance Intern in Health Plan Operations

      I had the opportunity to interview Shanna Grier, who is a Business Operations Analyst and a genKP NCAL Regional Champion. Shanna became a genKP leader because she saw firsthand, through a millennial perspective, the impact it can have and now strives to have it leave an imprint on every MOB and Medical center in Northern California. She has been with KP for two years now but, was initially drawn to it because of the values it embodies and its dedicated service to the community.

      In the interview, Shanna shared a story showing the importance of recognizing self-worth and self-advocacy. She explained that joining KP posed a number of challenges however, the biggest was making herself believe that she belonged. Her background, life story, and perspective varied greatly from that of her peers, making her feel like an outsider and holder her back from contributing her best work. She began to realize her worth when her manager at the time asked why she wasn’t offering her input then, without waiting for a response told her, “You belong here and you have to trust me enough to know I chose you for a reason.” In that pivotal moment, her self-doubt began to melt away. Because of what she learned, she wanted to share the following sentiment with the younger generation: “Believe in yourself even if nobody else does. Advocate for you whole-heartedly and trust that you’re on your path for a reason.”

      On August 11th, genKP and KP Pride will be hosting a Movie Night that will show a film documenting masculine-identifying people’s journey through pregnancy. The movie shares the stories of people who have broken boundaries and faced challenges in order to thrive. Shanna’s message about self-advocacy is important for everyone who’s had to break down barriers, be it in their mind, in the work place, or in gender roles, because everyone deserves to feel that they belong.

genKP in the Community

More than just professional development and networking, genKP aims to better connect our members to the social mission of Kaiser Permanente. Through targeted volunteerism, giving, and external relationship building, genKP leverages the time, energy, and skills of its members to make a social impact in the broader community.

In 2015, genKP coordinated approximately 15 volunteer projects, engaging more than 260 genKP members, for a total of 1360 volunteer hours dedicated to the communities we serve. This year, our goal is to surpass 1400 community service hours and coordinate a community benefit activity every quarter in each region.

Throughout the month of April, genKP members participated in National Volunteer Month with activities ranging from sorting cans of food at a local food bank to teaching K-12 students life skills.

In Colorado, 15 genKP volunteers partnered with Junior Achievement to spend a day in the classroom at Virginia Court Elementary school teaching students about financial literacy, workplace readiness, and the entrepreneurial spirit. “It was a heart-warming experience. It is amazing how much influence you create when encouraging kids to take ownership of their future,” said Anh-Thu Nguyen, genKP’s Colorado co-regional area champion.

In Northern California, genKP members volunteered at the Alameda County Community Food Bank to sort, screen, and box fresh produce for needy families and individuals. Rebecca Phuong, who led the project on behalf of genKP, described the event as a fun way meet other genKP members. “I think my favorite part was getting involved with the community and being able to network and learn how Kaiser Permanente is involved. Last year, Kaiser Permanente was the leading volunteer group, contributing the highest amount of volunteer hours than any other group,” she said.

For additional volunteer opportunities, visit and click “Calendar” throughout the year or contact your regional or local area champion.

Photos from genKP volunteer events:

Farewell to 2015!

2015, a year worth remembering! What originally started with two innovative minds now has over 2,000 members nationwide. This reassures that our vision to building a multi-generational talented community is very meaningful, not only to young professionals, but to the future of Kaiser Permanente. Additionally, here are some amazing stats we are proud to have accomplished in 2015:

  1. 63% membership growth! (2014-2015)
  2. New chapters in four new states! (CO, HI, MAS, and NW!)
  3. New Steering Board inauguration
  4. Launch of Career Stories, Professional Development, Community Benefit, and Emerging Leaders Circle
  5. Augmented work transparency, collaboration, and efficiency through adoption of new technology
  6. Increase in content viewing via social media and video

As we prepare for 2016, the genKP leadership team met early in December for a two day summit. As the committees and regional champions came together, we established our 2016 goal is to keep pushing boundaries and elevate the conversation for Millennials to partake a bigger role in the organization. To do this, we crafted a collaborative strategy including:

  1. Improved community engagement via compelling content, transparency, and active participation
  2. Further develop robust programs on leadership skills and mentorship
  3. Revamping
  4. Partner with fellow MBRGs for future hosted events
  5. Increased awareness and public relation
  6. Better attendance and promotion of community service within genKP
  7. Create Thrive events promoting health and exercise

What is important to note from our accomplishments and future plans is that each members’ contribution is a voluntary effort to provide value to KP. But above all, it is about creating self-fulfilling opportunities that can be leveraged to leadership roles. We are incredibly grateful for each and everyone’s input, and we want to carry this momentum onwards to 2016. Stay tuned!

The 4 Stage Game Plan for Being the Best KP Intern

By: Arielle Berman, Miles Lichtman & Cathy Li

Hey, genKP! We’re Ari, Miles, and Cathy, a few of this summer’s KP interns, and we are here to share a little bit about what our experience has been like over these past few months. Thinking about the internship experience as a whole, we broke it down into four stages to illustrate what it is like to be a KP intern and to share some things we learned along the way.


Stage 1 - The First Step

The first few weeks of the internship - you meet all the fun and ambitious interns at your orientation, you make a few friends and exchange numbers, you meet your awesome supervisor and the rest of your department, and you get your first, real, adult desk. You also have your own KP phone number and a fun new badge you can show off on your morning BART commute. You begin to accept that KP Learn and My HR won’t load and IT keeps telling you to wait a few days, but it is more of an exciting and anxious frustration than an irritating one. Your projects sound exciting, the University Relations intern events sound amazing, and you are ready to get started.

Despite all the excitement, this phase could be a little scary, but it’s the perfect opportunity to learn and explore all that KP has to offer. Go out with other interns for happy hour, reach out to your manager, and, above all, don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially during this early stage of your internship. Take the first step to familiarize yourself with KP’s culture. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for genKP!


Stage 2 - The Balancing Act

The initial excitement is slowly beginning to wear off as you get into the swing of a 9-5 job. The work pace quickens, your projects are in motion, and you find yourself under the pressure of completing your deliverables on time. But since things are still new, you’re still eager to make time to meet new people and foster those new found relationships with your fellow interns and supervisor. Suddenly juggling work, socializing, and extracurricular become difficult. That’s when you finally understand what your supervisor meant when they told you to make sure to stay patient.

But don’t sweat it! And definitely don’t feel overwhelmed. Find your balance by understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie and communicate that with your manager. They understand you’re still learning, and with the years of experience under their belts, they can help you hone your skills to better navigate the workplace.


Stage 3 – Finding the Right Fit

This is where your quarter-internship crisis comes in. The frustration and big life questions begin to sprout up and take over your mind. We want to remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

For us, this is the stage where work began to feel slow. The free KP swag no longer felt quite so swaggy, and the days felt longer as balancing work and social life was not as challenging as it once was a few weeks ago. Inevitably, we began to question ourselves: What were we going to be doing for the remainder of our internship? Did the work we were doing even matter in the grand scheme of things? Did we want to continue to pursue this as a career? Was KP the right fit for us?

If you find yourself feeling as frustrated as we did, take a step back and try to see the bigger picture of how your work ties into KP’s mission. And if that doesn’t help, then that’s your cue to get creative-- stretch yourself by taking on responsibilities outside of your scope of work to pick up a few new skills, schedule informational interviews to see if other departments better suit you, or find a genKPer or a mentor to help guide you to finding the right fit for you.


Stage 4 – The Marathon

Winding down to the last couple weeks of your internship, you’re finally ready to present your projects to your director. It is nerve wracking, but you deliver your findings with grace and excellence. Then what? Well, that was just a warm up; now it’s time to put those tools to the test and see how far they will really help you run.

Completing this internship was only the prelude to our marathon, and there are many crests and troughs left to climb before we can retire at the finish line. Running alone might seem care-free, but there’s a long, unpredictable road that lies ahead.

It would be wise to run with a few friends you have met on the way, so be sure to keep in touch with the contacts you have made via LinkedIn or other networking sites. Also write “Thank You” cards to your department for the valuable opportunity to intern with them, and make sure everyone you’ve met over the course of your internship knows that you appreciated meeting them. Leveraging contacts, even that one intern you sat next to who never said a word to you, is crucial and will be beneficial in ways you may not even realize. Perhaps somewhere down the road that one intern might be the one to offer you water when you missed the last water stop.


Final Remarks

Thanks for reading our blog post. We hope these stages captured what it is like to be a KP intern, with hopes that you, and the next wave of interns, can read this article and leverage it as you go through the process of interning. Remember you are the next generation of the workforce, if you exercise these survival tips, you may increase your chances of making the transition from the red badge to the blue badge and KP needs you!!

Good luck!

Five Simple Computer Tips That Will Improve Your Day

By Anthony Lew, genKP Content Lead


The computer is an excellent piece of technology; we depend on to simply function at work. With the advent of the internet, there should be nothing that can stop us from conquering our everyday duties, right?




Most of us still gripe over minute issues, and these frustrations seep away energy that should be spent on better initiatives. I have practically suffered from every issue using the computer, but upon my grief I have discovered 5 simple ways to combat such thorn like problems.


Here is my list:

  1. Having trouble creating passwords? - Use lyrics from your favorite song

If death and taxes are inevitable, passwords are definitely close. Passwords can be a serious waste of time and energy as the character count keeps increasing and the requirements always change! With the average person having 5 several passwords to memorize, what can wind up happening?

Not remembering your password!

This can easily ruin the day, so here’s a cool trick to try: use lyrics from your favorite song.

For example:

Isley Brothers/Aaliyah: “At Your Best”

Password: ButatyourbestyouareloveYouareapositivemotivatingforcewithinmylife!

That’s 66 characters that are not only hard to crack, but also hard to forget!


  1. Having trouble writing emails? – Bookmark and print a “Transition Words” page

Reading and writing e-mails quite frankly is exhausting. One can literally spend half a day digging through e-mails, and the other half- properly responding. Here’s a tip: get a language cheat sheet. Transition words are fantastic because they can begin, clarify, dismiss, refer, identify, continue, replace, conflict, and conclude each sentence, and will get your thoughts in order. Bookmark and/or print a hardcopy of this page – it will help you.


  1. Not sure if the internet is slow or disconnected? – Log on to

Let’s be honest, we all have been duped by the signal reception bars, and quite frankly, it is frustrating to work on what seems to be a slow internet, despite our devices telling us otherwise. The 5 stacking pillars can be VERY deceiving, but most of us rely on this visual to see if we can access the internet. Instead, try logging onto as your first destination! It sounds ridiculous, but this site is a lighting fast dictionary that not only loads in milliseconds, but also defines any word at the same speed. Use this site to answer is there internet access and how fast is the internet. It will give you a concrete answer without the bells and whistles.


  1. Want to improve your Google search? - Type “Related:(add URL)”

There is so much information on the internet that sometimes, the results do not provide the answers we are looking for. So in addition to your Google search, try typing “Related: (add URL)”. This filters the search down to anything related to the URL you have previously searched for and is a more efficient way to sleuth for the answers you want.

For example:

Although this method is not perfect, make it the second option to execute when searching for information. As a third option, I would suggest is to add Reddit next to your search.


  1. Want the computer to move faster? Change the mouse speed

With computers, we forget that all we do is point, type, and click. What we do not forget however, is that there will always be a faster, cooler, and shinier computer that will render our current computers slower and obsolete. So instead of spending over $1000 for a new one, why not make the best of your existing one? Unless it is broken, try changing your mouse speed. Do not knock it until you try it – it will feel different. And the best part is – you can crank it all the way up to 11, and it will only get better! Use this time shaving method to become more productive throughout the day as well as to get work done more efficiently!

Here’s how you can change your mouse speed:

PC Users:

  1. Click the Start Button
  2. Choose Control Panel
  3. From the Control Panel’s search bar type: Mouse
  4. Locate Mouse and choose Change the mouse pointer display or speed
  5. Change the Speed of your mouse

Mac Users:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Choose View > Mouse, or click the Mouse icon.
  3. To control how fast the pointer (cursor) moves across your screen when you move the mouse, click Point & Click and use the Tracking slider to adjust speed.



Try these tricks to improve how you work and let me know what you think! What tips would you like to share?

Rosie's Riveters Day 1: The Next Generation meets the Pioneers of the Women’s Movement

Editor's Note: This is the first post in a series showing genKP's trip to the White House with a group of Rosie the Riveters! Stay tuned for future posts!

Day 1: The Next Generation meets the Pioneers of the Women’s Movement

By: Jessica Johnson and Jaimie Reyes

It all started on a busy Tuesday morning in March. I got a phone call from Ije Udeze, chief of staff, asking me to participate in meeting that I was not a part of, but I didn’t hesitate to say, “I’ll be right in.” At the end of the meeting, Jennifer Scanlon, community relations director, was nonchalantly talking to the group about an amazing project she had been assigned to. She was in charge of putting together a White House trip to Washington, D.C. for six Rosie the Riveters. I was familiar with the Rosie the Riveter picture. I mean, who doesn’t know the cute girl with the red bandana, flexing her right bicep?! But I didn’t know the “story” behind that historical picture. I vaguely heard Jennifer say they wanted two genKP members to go on this trip to represent the past, present and future of Kaiser Permanente. Ije quickly looked over at me and said, “Do you want to go?” I of course did not hesitate to say, “Heck yea I do!”Rosie-the-Riveter

I wanted to learn as much about the Rosies as I possibly could. I read and skimmed all of the articles and bios that I could find.

A couple days before the trip, Jennifer invited Jaimie and myself to the Rosie Memorial Center in Richmond, for a meet and greet with the Rosies. All of the reading, skimming, browsing I did about these ladies did not capture the energy, excitement, strength, wittiness, and determination I learned just from a 15 minute in-person meeting with them. The short amount of time I got to spend with these ladies before our D.C. trip made me 10 times more excited and honored to travel with an amazing and heroic group of women.

As we started our journey to SFO at 4:30 AM on Sunday, March 30th, I started to realize the importance of this trip. Jaimie, Jennifer, and I have the opportunity to accompany the pioneers of the Women’s Rights movement, before Lean In, before Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This trip is everything to me; I have the honor of being in the presence of fearless women.

As an early professional I know the joys and pains of innovation, and pushing the envelope when you’re passionate about something. These heroines will teach us perseverance, patience, and strength without flexing through their stories alone.

These women answered the nation’s call for help, and supported Kaiser Permanente’s vision for lean and agile methods way before Six Sigma was written into the DNA of corporate operations. So as we descend into Washington D.C., I’m thinking about everything, how to enjoy these phenomenal women, how to stay rosy, and how to contribute to something that is bigger than yourself.

KP Share article: Kaiser Permanente Shipyard Rosies Headed to White House