Five Simple Computer Tips That Will Improve Your Day

By Anthony Lew, genKP Content Lead


The computer is an excellent piece of technology; we depend on to simply function at work. With the advent of the internet, there should be nothing that can stop us from conquering our everyday duties, right?




Most of us still gripe over minute issues, and these frustrations seep away energy that should be spent on better initiatives. I have practically suffered from every issue using the computer, but upon my grief I have discovered 5 simple ways to combat such thorn like problems.


Here is my list:

  1. Having trouble creating passwords? - Use lyrics from your favorite song

If death and taxes are inevitable, passwords are definitely close. Passwords can be a serious waste of time and energy as the character count keeps increasing and the requirements always change! With the average person having 5 several passwords to memorize, what can wind up happening?

Not remembering your password!

This can easily ruin the day, so here’s a cool trick to try: use lyrics from your favorite song.

For example:

Isley Brothers/Aaliyah: “At Your Best”

Password: ButatyourbestyouareloveYouareapositivemotivatingforcewithinmylife!

That’s 66 characters that are not only hard to crack, but also hard to forget!


  1. Having trouble writing emails? – Bookmark and print a “Transition Words” page

Reading and writing e-mails quite frankly is exhausting. One can literally spend half a day digging through e-mails, and the other half- properly responding. Here’s a tip: get a language cheat sheet. Transition words are fantastic because they can begin, clarify, dismiss, refer, identify, continue, replace, conflict, and conclude each sentence, and will get your thoughts in order. Bookmark and/or print a hardcopy of this page – it will help you.


  1. Not sure if the internet is slow or disconnected? – Log on to

Let’s be honest, we all have been duped by the signal reception bars, and quite frankly, it is frustrating to work on what seems to be a slow internet, despite our devices telling us otherwise. The 5 stacking pillars can be VERY deceiving, but most of us rely on this visual to see if we can access the internet. Instead, try logging onto as your first destination! It sounds ridiculous, but this site is a lighting fast dictionary that not only loads in milliseconds, but also defines any word at the same speed. Use this site to answer is there internet access and how fast is the internet. It will give you a concrete answer without the bells and whistles.


  1. Want to improve your Google search? - Type “Related:(add URL)”

There is so much information on the internet that sometimes, the results do not provide the answers we are looking for. So in addition to your Google search, try typing “Related: (add URL)”. This filters the search down to anything related to the URL you have previously searched for and is a more efficient way to sleuth for the answers you want.

For example:

Although this method is not perfect, make it the second option to execute when searching for information. As a third option, I would suggest is to add Reddit next to your search.


  1. Want the computer to move faster? Change the mouse speed

With computers, we forget that all we do is point, type, and click. What we do not forget however, is that there will always be a faster, cooler, and shinier computer that will render our current computers slower and obsolete. So instead of spending over $1000 for a new one, why not make the best of your existing one? Unless it is broken, try changing your mouse speed. Do not knock it until you try it – it will feel different. And the best part is – you can crank it all the way up to 11, and it will only get better! Use this time shaving method to become more productive throughout the day as well as to get work done more efficiently!

Here’s how you can change your mouse speed:

PC Users:

  1. Click the Start Button
  2. Choose Control Panel
  3. From the Control Panel’s search bar type: Mouse
  4. Locate Mouse and choose Change the mouse pointer display or speed
  5. Change the Speed of your mouse

Mac Users:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Choose View > Mouse, or click the Mouse icon.
  3. To control how fast the pointer (cursor) moves across your screen when you move the mouse, click Point & Click and use the Tracking slider to adjust speed.



Try these tricks to improve how you work and let me know what you think! What tips would you like to share?